As our loved ones age, they may develop physical health issues that prevent them from getting around as well as they used to. This might include struggling to do some basic tasks around the home, like laundry. What’s worse is that it can be dangerous for them to do laundry. For example, carrying a laundry basket down the basement stairs can result in a terrible slip and fall, which could seriously injure them. Our caregivers can help “lighten the load” by assisting with laundry. Wash, dry, fold and put away as well as help iron.

There are many things about laundry that can make it difficult for seniors to manage on their own, including:

  • It can be heavy to lift and move the laundry basket, especially if it has accumulated several days’ worth of dirty garments.
  • It may be difficult to access the laundry machines, especially if on a different floor of the house or in a tight room.
  • Operating the machines could be a challenge, as the design of some washers and dryers make it hard to reach the buttons for someone of limited flexibility and mobility. Front-load or top-load designs both present different pros and cons.
  • Folding and putting away laundry can be time-intensive and requires mobility through bending, lifting, and dexterity.

At Care For Me At Home we will make it easy for seniors to enjoy clean clothes without having to expend the energy or safety risk.